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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fidel, Rot in Heck

Fidel finally bit the dust last week. 

So, the US now has an opportunity to take the lead in integrating the country into the rest of the world.

We can do this without reciprocation on their part. Congress and the Donald can remove all restrictions on travel and investment by Americans to Cuba. Why should Cuba be any different than the rest of the countries in Latin America? Five decades of embargo accomplished virtually nothing to change Fidel.

But, the future can be changed by what we do. Let's trade, talk, visit, etc. When ties are established, I am confident that the dire situation of the Cubans will change for the better, the government will then follow. It will become obvious to all that central planning did not and does not work.

(We, Americans will learn that lesson also, when the feddle gummint defaults on all its promises. Central planning doesn't work - that means that Janet Yellen and the rest of the FED crowd cannot plan the economy better than 7 billion people making economic choices minute by minute. But that is a subject for another day.)

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