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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taylorcraft Project Update

My friend, John is still busy at work restoring his 1946 Taylorcraft.  He has replaced the broken spar on one wing and is just about ready to start covering it.  He has repaired the landing gear from the ground loop accident and then will start on the rest of the covering and then the engine, which is an O-200 Lycoming.

New spruce spars for one wing

The leading edge aluminum needs some help

The aileron is still in good shape

John anozided and epoxy coated the aluminum ribs that haven't had any corrosion protection since fabrication in 1946

Details of the welding repairs to the landing gear

More welding repairs
Vintage 1946 cockpit and panel

Some previous owner notched the spar to get this bracket to fit.  John will have to repair it.

This is the good wing awaiting covering
Picture of the streamline chromoly tubing used to repair the landing gear.  It was on sale for $15/foot down from $30!

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