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Friday, February 18, 2011

Kitfox IV update

A flying buddy of mine, Dave, is building a Kitfox Model IV.  It just happens to be the very kit that he and I went to look at a couple of years ago.  I passed up the opportunity, but he decided to take it on.  I think it helps that he is also retired.  Anyway, he has offered to take me on as a partner, if I want.  I think it would be a blast, but I am really interested in a Sonex.

These pictures show what he has done since he acquired the kit last year.  He has the wings nearly ready to cover.  They were much more time intensive than he expected.

The spars are aluminum and and ribs are plywood glued to the spars.

Details of the false ribs glued to the front spar.
This piece of aluminum will become the panel.

One of the wing tanks

False ribs on the bottom of the fiberglass wing tank

This is the strut attach fixture on the main spar
This all turns into an airplane once it is covered with Dacron and painted.

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