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Saturday, April 23, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I went with EAA Chapter 23 to see the manufacturing of a small experimental aircraft engine, the Hexadyne P-60. 

The successful development of an aircraft engine is a difficult and complex task.  Hexatron appears to have done that.

Successfully (meaning profitably) marketing an aircraft engine is a miracle.  I don't think they are close to that yet, but I did enjoy seeing the factory.

And in case anyone from Hexatron Engineering reads this blog, I have some very helpful ideas on accomplishing the miracle part.  Please contact me through the comments section.

Connecting rod forging
Flywheel with timing marks on the OD
Cases waiting to be machined

Helicopter tail rotor
Hexadyne engine being installed in helicopter
Helicopter main rotor and drive reduction
Hexadyne engine in helicopter

Helicopter collective and cyclic links
Hexadyne engine test stand

Cooling shroud for the helicopter engine installation

Cy Williams, the man behind Hexatron Engineering

My Dad by the helicopter
Unfinished crankshaft
Hexadyne piston

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