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Sunday, January 8, 2017


I've gone from being a denier to being a so what-er! Let me explain.
 Shown above are last night's temperatures in Northern Utah. My dad grew up in Randolph, where it was -35 degrees F! Where I live it was in the range of -10F. These temperatures represent clear and present danger to life. Only heated homes keep us from death.

This is why the whole catastrophic man-caused global warming narrative is irrational.

The progressives want the deplorables to pay more for energy (carbon tax) in the present to avoid a possible 3.6 degree F (2 degree C) rise in temperature in a hundred years from now.

We are freezing now. Why we we be concerned about a possible temperature increase in 100 years?! We welcome it. The -35F would be what, a -31F? This is supposed to be catastrophic?  Ha ha.

You progressives need a better narrative, like Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, the Vietcong fired on us at Tonkin, the Germans are killing Belgian babies, etc.

This leads me to SO WHAT! SO WHAT if the global average temperature goes up a few degrees over a century!

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